May 31, 2012: Almost There!

Officially less than 24 hours away from the start of this amazing journey. Actually, at this point, it’s more like 18 hours; I’m leaving the house tomorrow at around 6:00 AM to make sure that I get to Penn Station in time to catch my train to Washington, DC.

Today has been extremely busy getting everything in order. My final travel itinerary came in this morning from the IIE and I went out shopping this morning for some things to bring along with me on the trip. Samantha and Leah, two of my best friends, came over for pancakes and some Harry Potter this morning to spend some time before I leave. And now I’m standing on the platform getting ready to head into the city for a doctor’s appointment. Which is all great, but I still have yet to pack…

Which means that the second I get home from the city I’ll be packing up a storm and getting ready. I’m still not entirely sure what I need to bring with me; the paperwork all said to bring conservative business clothing, so definitely suits and sport-coats. But I’ll also need some casual wear and even a bathing suit according to our packing list! And then comes the issue of what shoes to bring… I need comfortable shoes for walking around that I can still wear with business attire, and then shoe I can hike around in, and maybe a pair of sandals. Just a lot to think about – and that’s just packing and clothing!

Aside from all that, I’m still working through my prep reading, but I also have lots of travel time for that too. And it’s interesting, so I don’t really mind at all.

That’s all for now. I’ll check in again on the train to DC in the morning with my final pre-adventure thoughts! Wish me luck!

Safe Travels! – Jake


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