June 1, 2012: Washington, DC

Just arrived in Washington, DC after a brutally early morning of travel starting with a 5:00 AM wake-up to make my train on time from New York Penn Station. The train ride was pretty relaxing though, so no complaints there. I got a lot of reading done on the train (and even got a short nap in too), so I’m feeling great heading into my first day of orientation with the Ibrahim Fellows at the IIE offices.

I didn’t get much sleep last night; not from nerves, but rather because at 12:30 AM, I was still getting stuff together to pack. My entire evening of packing was delayed/took longer than I originally expected. Probably due to the fact that my four best friends (Samantha, Adam, Leah, and Julia) were over last night to see me before I headed out today. I don’t have much time back at home between my trip to the Middle East and heading up to camp for the rest of the summer, so last night was the last solid chunk of time we’ll get to spend together for a while.

But anyway, here I am in DC! I’m currently in my hotel room with Jake, the other Penn student that I’m traveling with, and we’re just laying low until we have to meet everyone in the lobby in two hours or so. After orientation, I’ll check back in again!

Safe Travels! – Jake


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